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Lilliput Lane "Mud and Stud"       (Brigsley, Lincolnshire)
Lilliput Lane "Mud and Stud"       (Brigsley, Lincolnshire)
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Lilliput Lane "Mud and Stud" (Brigsley, Lincolnshire)
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Lilliput Lane "Mud and Stud"

Mud and Stud, Brigsley, Lincolnshire. Mud and stud is a traditional form of cottage construction found almost exclusively in Lincolnshire and our charming seventeenth-century cottage from Brigsley is a typical example of this type of building.

Although basic timber and earth dwellings are common forms of vernacular architecture around our nation, there are numerous regional variations, for example: the 'wattle and daub' of the Midlands and surrounding areas; clam-staff and daub (or raddle and daub) of the Lancashire region, and there are even examples in Scotland where it is known as 'stake and rice' but 'mud and stud' is distinctively Lincolnshires own.

But what is the difference? Well, they are all pretty similar, in that they have a wooden frame infilled with mud, or daub (clay, sand, straw and often animal hair mixed with a binder: lime), but the horizontal rails are nailed to the uprights in mud and stud whereas they are interwoven, like basket weave in wattle and daub construction.

Each figurine comes in its own colour branded gift box and dedicated deed card. Not a toy or children's product. Intended for adults only.

4.5 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm