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Lilliput Lane "The Punch House"
Lilliput Lane "The Punch House"
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Lilliput Lane "The Punch House"
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Lilliput Lane "The Punch House"

The Punch House, Manchester, Greater Manchester. Our delightful establishment has been inspired by John Shaws Punch House. Established in 1738, it was the first Gentlemens Club in the city and is now known as Sinclairs Oyster Bar. But, it is not only its name that has changed, but also its location, as when it was built it originally stood in Market Place but it now stands in Old Shambles Square.

Why the name change? When John Shaw died in 1796, at the grand old age of 83, the building was purchased by Mr Sinclair who eventually started serving oysters as well as other alcoholic beverages other than just punch. Why the move? As part of the redevelopment of the Old Shambles Square, Manchester City Council and Manchester Millennium moved the building brick by brick to its new site in 1997 to make way for a new pedestrian walkway between Manchester Cathedral and St Anne's Square.

Each figurine comes in its own colour branded gift box and dedicated deed card. Not a toy or children's product. Intended for adults only.